A Guide to Planning an Effective Team Building Event in Australia

Organizations in Australia are increasingly recognizing the vital role played by team building events in increasing productivity. You have possibly followed suite and have ongoing plans for the annual team building event. Pulling an effective team building Australia option is not an easy task. Obviously there will be some people who want to sabotage the event simply because they don’t like socializing, yet management has made it compulsory for everyone. You might also get confused with choosing whether the event should be a team development and training program or a fun day. Clearly there are many decisions you’ll have to make. This guide is to help you make the right decisions and plan for the best team building Australia can offer.

What do you want to achieve?

Team building events are not meant for just play and fun, they should be instigated for a solid reason. If you have been appointed to steer the event, ask your boss about the objective of the events before you get started. Is the events geared towards bringing cohesion among worker or solving conflicts? Or is it meant to orient new recruits into the team? Make sure that your event organizer or facilitator understands the objectives of the events. This will help him to tailor ideas that try to solve the specific issues.

Who do you hire to organize the event?

If you want the very best team building events consider hiring a team building Australia reputable facilitator. Although a facilitator will come at an extra cost, the results will be remarkable and you won’t regret it if you get the right one. A simple way to find a team building event organizer is by searching the internet. There are many event companies and services that organize team building activities such as activity centers, venue finders, activity specialists and event agencies. Look for a company that will do most of the work from looking for the venue to making the day’s itinerary.

What’s your budget?

Be realistic when making your budget because honestly speaking, team building events are not cheap. At the very least, your budget should include catering and refreshments, kits and equipment, transportation, insurance, venue hire, event management, several supplies and accommodation. And there is the obvious loss of productivity as employees won’t be working during these activities. It shows that you understand the significant benefit of a team building activity if you are ready to pay all these costs. So be flexible with your budget. Also be honest with your event organizer about your budget. This will help them to choose options that you can afford.


How many people are going to attend the event? Think about their job roles, interests, abilities and average age. This will enable you and your event organizer to choose a suitable venue and activity. Knowing the expected number of participants will particularly help in selecting the venue. Choose a venue that will comfortably accommodate the maximum number. This might be okay if a few participants drop out, but it will be quite embarrassing if everyone turns up and the space becomes too small for all of them.

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