Swanson Reed – Specialist R&D Tax Consultants in Australia

There is no progress without research and development, especially in science and technology. In this progressive world great deal of importance is given to research and development or R&D activities. To encourage more companies to take up such activities, government offers tax benefits and rebates. However, it is not easy to assess your taxation and incentives without professional help of an R&D Tax Consultant. Swanson Reed group are specialist R&D tax advisors in Australia. They have offices nationwide and are the most experienced advisors.

When you select a tax advisor or R&D Tax Consultant, it is essential to note their credentials and gauge their ability to fulfill your requirements of tax assist. Swanson Reed has been certified for Risk Management by reputed International Organization for Standardization (ISO 31000:2009) and hence they are the most trusted R&D Tax Consultant clients go to.

The company assists the clients to file for R&D tax benefits and returns. They guide in making proper assessment documentation and claim preparation. The company studies the eligibility of the client under Australian Industry review criteria and helps in creating necessary documents to support the incentive claim. Each client is treated with utmost confidentiality and there is maximum effort put in to save the client from tax burden.

As thorough professionals, the company does not rely on single person assessment and each case is scrutinized by as many as six persons. Besides, being a technical related tax claim, the case is studied for authenticity and proper evaluation by qualified engineers and tax assessors. This helps in substantiating the incentive claim as being valid and proper.

In order to put up a strong case for incentive claims one has to take care of few documents that help in substantiating the claim. There needs to be a written record or internal email validating proofs for the development activities that take place in your establishment. There should be documentation of the studies, knowledge implied, progress achieved and decisions taken over the R&D activity. Internal communication between technical departments associated with the development process help in making the picture clear and adds credibility to the claim. It is important to note that the R&D program has to be carried out after thorough review of the similar activities of competitors and a study of own organization’s experience in the field.

Swanson Reed Company has appointed legal advisors and chartered accountants who are specialists in R&D taxation. The trained team quickly grasps your company’s accounting system and guides you to channelize the cash flow with minimal losses. Similarly, when you have to present your project for tax benefits, it needs to be documented in proper technical terms. Hence, the company appoints technical writers and editors who prepare flawless documents giving technical details of the R&D activities. The company leaves no stone unturned to put up a strong R&D incentive claim file.

It is not easy to find R&D Tax Consultants who have the reputation of getting maximum tax benefits for the client. Nonetheless, Swanson Reed, being an ISO certified company, strives hard to ease client’s tax burdens and get a good tax rebate. In order to understand their audit checklist applicable to different industries like automotive, biotech, electronic engineering / software, manufacturing, etc you can call them on toll free number 1800 792 676 or fill in the online enquiry form on their website http://www.swansonreed.com.au/ . The company helps in preparing audits in compliance with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and AusIndustry (Australian Industries governing body).